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What we do

ARDENT Lifecare specializes in assisting families in locating optimal senior living communities, encompassing a spectrum from assisted living and memory care to independent living and Adult Family Homes (AFH). Through our network, we meticulously evaluate and rank senior living communities, ensuring access to top-rated communities across the Pacific Northwest. Given the substantial diversity among senior living communities, our committed team is devoted to facilitating the discovery of a community that precisely meets your family's needs.

What we know

Discovering the ideal senior living community can pose a challenge, especially during what may already be a stressful period. With a myriad of options spanning from assisted living communities to adult family homes (AFH) and beyond, pinpointing the perfect fit for your loved one can be daunting. The array of amenities and services provided by these communities varies significantly, as does their associated costs, further complicating the task of finding one that aligns with a specific criteria.

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How we do it 

  • We collaborate closely with you to devise a strategic action plan, meticulously examining all potential avenues..


  • Utilizing all available avenues to minimize unnecessary expenses and achieve desired outcomes for families in a financially savvy manner.


  • Conduct background analysis of all senior living communities that meet criteria. Ensuring that communities meet industry standards and are in-compliance with state rules and regulations.


  • We collaborate with top-tier senior living communities to offer guidance on a streamlined, effortless, and stress-free move-in process. 

  • We support families throughout the transition from home to senior living community, ensuring that all essential items, approvals, and placement documents are readily available.


  • Offering current information on promotions and discounts that result in cost savings for assisted living, memory care, and adult family homes.


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