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What is assisted living?

Assisted living, also known as assisted living facilities (ALF) or assisted living communities, is a type of care for older adults who need help with normal daily activities. Seniors in assisted living receive personalized care and assistance with activities of daily living (ADL), such as bathing, dressing, grooming, and toileting as well as mobility help.

Assisted living communities are licensed by a state and follow strict rules and regulations to remain in-compliance. Assisted living communities are not individual homes in a resedential area, but rather are apartment-styled homes, usually in a commercial location. Assisted living communities have a greater resident population, but they also have a lot more nursing staff to accommodate them. The purpose of these facilities is to assist older adults to live as independently as possible, while maintaining all safety standards.

What is memory care?

Memory care is a specialized form of care for older adults who are experiencing memory loss due to dementia. Alzheimer's disease, or other cognitive impairments. Memory care facilities provide a safe and secure environment for seniors with memory loss, offering 24-hour supervision and assistance with activities of daily living (ADL). Memory care facilities are staffed with nurses and nursing assistants, additionally some may have doctors as well. Memory care facilities typically offer a variety of amenities such as private rooms, outdoor spaces, and social activities, to help seniors stay engaged and connected to their community. 

What is a nursing home?

Nursing homes, also called skilled nursing facilities (SNF), or convalescent homes, serve anyone who requires preventive, therapeutic and rehabilitative nursing care. Nursing homes provide residential care for people who don’t require hospitalization but need 24-hour care they can’t get at home. Some nursing homes are set similar to hospitals, with staff members that includes, doctors, nurses, nursing assistants and respiratory therapists that provide medical care. A nursing home is a place for people who don't need to be in a hospital but can not be cared for at home.

What is an adult family home (AFH) ?

Adult family homes also known as AFH, Adult Care Homes, ACH, Adult Foster Home, or Residential Care Homes. Are residential homes owned by an individual or a business that is licensed, to care for up to six non-related residents. They provide room, board, laundry, necessary supervision, and necessary help with activities of daily living (ADL), personal care, and social services. 

Adult Family Homes are equipped to provide a wide range of services for the elderly. Most notable is the 24-hour care, and assistance to activities of daily living (ADL). Most homes provide assistance for Dementia and Mental Health.

How much does assisted living cost?

According to the most recent updates by Genworth Financial "Cost of Care Survey", the national median monthly cost of assisted living  are $4,500 per month, up from $4,300 per month in 2020 with a year-over-year increase of 4.65%.

In the Pacific Northwest region the cost average for assisted living is $5,750. However, the average monthly cost can range between $3,800 on the lower scale to $6,750 on the higher end this is based on geographical location. Being closer to large metropolitan areas like, Seattle WA, Portland OR, Tacoma WA, Spokane WA and Bellevue WA, will demand higher costs.

Genworth Cost of Care Survey 2004-2021, Conducted by CareScout®.  

When is assisted living needed?

Assisted living is needed when there is an increasing difficulty managing daily tasks also referred to as activities of daily living (ADL). This includes but it is not limited to,  repeatedly forgetting to take their medication, lack of proper hygiene, rapid weight lost, and sudden changes towards negative behavior.

How to report an abuse of vulnerable seniors?

Report Concerns Involving Vulnerable Adults (WA)

Report Concerns Involving Vulnerable Adults (OR)

Report Concerns Involving Vulnerable Adults (ID)

Government websites on senior living facilities. 

Washington State 

Oregon State

Idaho State

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